Metsähallitus is responsible for the management of the country's terrestrial and aquatic areas

Metsähallitus (Forest Administration) is a state-owned enterprise, responsible for the management of one-third of Finland’s surface area. It manages and develops state-owned land and water areas responsibly to maximise their benefits to the society as a whole.

Metsähallitus consists of business units and the Parks and Wildlife Finland unit, which is responsible for the public administration services of Metsähallitus.

The Parks and Wildlife Services unit is responsible for nature reserves and cultural heritage sites

The Parks and Wildlife Services unit manages the nature reserves of almost the entire country, including all national parks, nature parks, state hiking areas, as well as the extensive wilderness areas of Lapland. It is also responsible for the numerous cultural heritage sites located within their areas.
In addition, Parks and Wildlife Services are responsible for the protection of several important threatened species, such as the Saimaa ringed seal and the golden eagle. It provides basic services to hikers so that nature is an easy and inspiring destination for everyone.

The marine team provides data on marine and coastal nature

The so-called marine team of the Parks and Wildlife Services Unit of Metsähallitus produces species and habitat data about the marine nature of the Baltic Sea and coastal areas. Such data is used, forexample, in planning the management and sustainable use of state-owned marine areas, with a particular focus on recreational use and the protection of marine biodiversity.

 Bladderwrack and algae growing on a rocky bottom.
Underwater nature of the Baltic Sea.

The parks and Wildlife Services Unit carries out a diverse range of work involving nature

Metsähallitus contributes to the implementation of the Finnish Underwater Marine Inventory Programme, known as VELMU. It works closely with other regional actors and is also involved in international research projects.
The Parks and Wildlife Services Unit is also involved in planning the management and use of areas, and monitors both species and habitats. In addition, it participates in making threat assessments and reports on various EU nature directives, as well as implementing activities and measures related to marine and water management monitoring.