The life of bygone days still emanates from traditional islands and villages

How does life feel on a secluded outer archipelago island, where the rhythm of life is determined by the sea and you have to catch your own food? Or life on an island where the natural conditions can prevent access to the mainland for months at a time?

The archipelagos off the coast of Finland have preserved several traditional village communities inherited from the Middle Ages, which have been created by maritime livelihoods. Their origins have been influenced by the sea lanes and shipping routes that passed by these islands. Such villages have long been engaged in fishing, seal hunting, and pilotage, as well as operating as much-needed bases located along long shipping routes.

The dense village settlement was formed around the harbour and the atmospheric little cottages, numerous grey outbuildings, boat sheds, piers and breakwaters lend the islands a unique setting. The communities are surrounded by varied landscapes characteristic of the archipelago, patchwork fields bordered by stone fences, as well as meadows and small forests bordered by outcrops of smooth ice-polished granite. On some islands, certain remnants of the past can still be found, such as Troy Town mazes or Bronze Age burial cairns. Later, the building stock needed for the tourism industry and summer settlement was also built on the islands.

Here you can explore the preserved traditional village communities, where you can even plan a summer day trip to explore the rugged archipelago!