The range of sea level heights depends on the location

In the Baltic Sea, water levels vary for many reasons. Sea levels are measured with 14 tidal gauges or mareographs spread along the Finnish coastline. Here the sea level is reported in relation to the theoretical mean water height, i.e. the readings show how much the water is higher or lower than the average. Sea level can be reported in other height systems too. E.g. N2000-system is widely used in Finland in building and because of the nautical chart reform, even more in navigation.

By clicking the station on the map, list or diagram, the last 2 weeks observations can be seen.

On the map, setting the mouse on a station shows the last 24 hours sea level observations.

On the diagram, setting the mouse on a station shows the latest observation and as a grey column the extreme sea levels measured on that station.

The values are presented in theoretical mean water. The other height systems can be found here.