The most fascinating destinations on the Finnish coast

Throughout time, humans have been mesmerised by the sea and heard its call. Its shores have offered us plentiful land to live on, and the sea itself offers us a route to new worlds and trading opportunities. Fish, seals and sea birds have been an important part of our diets. The forts, lighthouses, and fishing villages of bygone days are exciting excursion destinations as they tell the history of man at sea. Besides man, the coast and archipelagos have also been shaped by the forces of nature.

Many sightseeing destinations on Finland’s coastline and archipelagos are cultural landscapes and maritime constructions that emphasise the deep connection the Finnish people have with the sea. Livestock grazing has affected the community of species found on the coast. Lighthouses have been built along important shipping routes, and seal hunters and fishermen have built shelters on the barren islets in the outer archipelagos.

In addition to humans, forces of nature have shaped the coastline. This constant state of change is what makes the marine landscape so beautiful. Traces of the latest ice age are visible in many places throughout the coastline, and new land is still rising from under the sea due to post-glacial rebound, especially in the areas of the Kvarken and the Bothnian Bay.

The seasons and weather phenomena are particularly impressive on sea; the alternation of calm weather and stormy weather, and the winter capturing the sea under a layer of ice.

Here you will find introductions to the most captivating destinations on the Finnish coast.